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00133KRBB | Nirvana - Live at Velez Sarsfield Argentina (10-30-1992)

Nobody Knows I'm New Wave [jam]
Smells Like Teen Spirit [tease]
Smells Like Teen Spirit [tease]
Drain You
Spank Thru
Come as You Are
Lounge Act
About a Girl
[bass solo]
In Bloom
Territorial Pissings
[drum jam]
Been a Son
[drum jam]
On a Plain
Negative Creep
[encore break]
All Apologies
Endless, Nameless

In October 1992, Nirvana made their first and only performance in Argentina, and the gig became infamous. Calamity Jane, a riot girl band from Oregon, were the opening act, and (due to a combination of sexism and poor performance) were booed off the stage, crying and dodging missiles being thrown at them.
After reportedly threatening to boycott the show backstage, Kurt Cobain convinced his bandmates to sabotage their own set. They opened with a lengthy noise jam, commonly known as 'Nobody Knows I'm New Wave'. They refused to play 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', teasing it before some early songs, and played rarer tracks like 'Beeswax' and 'Spank Thru'. For what it's worth, Cobain did later did describe the show as "one of the greatest experiences I've ever had".

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