viernes, 19 de abril de 2019

The haunted echoes - Ghost town

Muy buen track de la mano de Oliver Amberg (ya hablé de él aquí).
Hermosa voz de Rachel Gavaletz (total descubrimiento para mí)
La verdad si pueden peguenlé una escucha a toda la discografía que tiene subida en Bandcamp. No se arrepentirán. 
Esta canción fluye muy fácil, muy buenos riffs y efectos!



My garden is a lonely desert 
My river’s dry and my mind is blank 
My house is dusty and my fridge is empty 
My life’s grotesque - a wicked prank 

Became a serpent, became a shadow 
A hustling ghost in a stone cold town 
My memories are slowly fading 
The weight of sorrows made me drown 

Darkness is my mother 
Darkness is my friend 

Ghost Town - my heart is like a Ghost Town 
You can sense the history 
How it used to be 
Ghost Town - my heart is like a Ghost Town 
Feels like lying in a shallow grave 
With maggots upon my face 

My screams became a desperate whisper 
Baptised in the seas of pain 
Junkyard babies playing hide and seek 
They can’t hear my screams in the rain 

I’m hurt and broken like an anxious hostage 
A shattered word won’t make a book 
The story’s told, the punch line’s written 
My flesh and bones in a venomous soup

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