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Nacho Vegas - Resituacion (2014)

Resituación is the sixth album of Nacho Vegas published by Marxophone in 2014.
Nacho is a Spanish singer-songwriter who stylistically oscillates between folk and rock music.
As a songwriter, the influences of Will Oldham, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt are recognized. 
He explores the intimist ways of singer-songwriter in his music, intense but elusive; His texts have a strong autobiographical character, self-referential, is somehow postmodernist in that it resorts to references of speeches or elements of other musicians, filmmakers, writers.
Vegas music is also reminiscent of Spanish indie figures, but mainly his style is identifiable with singers of modern folk and rock, of which he has recognized to extract chords, refrains, pieces of letters, etc., to compose his songs.
My favorites songs are "Actores poco memorables", "Rapasa de San Antolin", the extraordinary "Adolfo Suicide", y the beauty "Luz de Agosto en Gijon".
An album that flows calmly and smoothly. Takes you through almost hypnotic spots that have much of his folk style.
I saw him live in Buenos Aires in Teatro Konex, I was pretty excited about that show and was, in fact, a very good concert. The bad moment was not the artist, but the public himself, making in each possible occasion invasions of stage with political banners and all that stupid and shitty attitude. You are in a music concert for god-sake! Stop talking and screaming political phrases that come to mind and enjoy the show, or at last, (if you are a stupid and pathetic underground politic activist) let the other people listen to the music.

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