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Blaze Bayley - Silicon Messiah (2000)

Silicon Messiah is the debut studio album by Blaze Bayley, then known as Blaze, released in 2000. The South American and Japanese versions of the album include several bonus tracks ("Motherfuckers R Us", "Steel" and "Interactive Track" and "The Day I Fell to Earth" on South American versions, with the last track being the only Japanese one). 

Following Blaze Bayley's departure from Iron Maiden in 1999, he formed his own band, BLAZE, in March that year. Bayley recruited guitarist Steve Wray, guitarist John Slater, bassist Rob Naylor, and drummer Jeff Singer, and signed a deal with German label SPV, releasing this band's debut studio album in 2000.

He never got much mainstream recognition, and he used to get a lot of flak for his vocal participation in Iron Maiden in the 90s, but really his side project is a whole different beast altogether. The voice is fantastic and the songs fit to perfection as a whole thing. The guitars are heavy and precise, with some really good solos, the riffs are crunchy and melodic. The Blaze's voice is more natural with the lower tuned guitars. 
Over all, this is a very original piece of music, a highly recommended piece of Heavy Metal, with Power/Thrashers touches.
It's true that it has some Iron Maiden influences. There is, in fact, only one song where the structure of the track is quite similar to Iron Maiden.

This album had one problem - it came out at the same time as Maiden's Brave New World, which of course drowned attention and sales, but believe me when I say that if it had been published at differet moment, would have become a new Metal's classic album.

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