domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

Proyecto Esencial - La noche mas larga (2017)

I found this band almost by casuality. 
At the beginning of 90's I've started to follow an argentinian Rock band called Halogena. I remember the first thing that called my atention was those bass lines, quite melodic and powerful! That was in the 90's, yes. 
In 2015 I re-discover an old cd of Halogena, called Perdiste from 1995 and was the same feeling when I heard it again.
The boys disbanded in 1998/99 I think, so I search the bassist Pablo Di Giorgio through Facebook and I've found him, so I thought to wrote to him telling about how much I've enjoyed the band and his bass lines!... AGAIN... THAT WAS IN 2015.
May 2017, I found a Facebook message and when I open it... yes... was Pablo Di Giorgio that saw my message two years later, cos Facebook setup and configuration is a crap (all of us we know it well). He thanked me for the words and added a link to a band in what he is envolved currently.

The first work I listen is Melatonina (2014), actualy the third record of Proyecto Esencial in which Pablo is not the bassist (He joined the band after that album). I enjoyed fully the songs and I decide to go and see them in the next show in which the band will launch the fourth work called La noche mas larga.
About the show, was incredible! Very professional, high category and extremely well played! All the musicians are perfectly assembled as a band and that's important!
They played all the new album and after a little break we enjoyed the old songs.
About "La noche mas larga" is an excelent pop-rock album, (more Pop than Rock), pretty dark and deep. I'm a night lover and this is, without a doubt, the perfect soundtrack for all who love to spend the night just gazing through the window and thinking about life! 
The songs are linked to the 80's but sounds fresh and with own identity. I say this just for give you an idea about how it sound,  but believe me, they are purely 2017 and this album will remain fresh and actual for a long long time.
I feel very lucky for this great discovery in a vast and endless musical world!

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