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Methods of Mayhem - A Public Disservice Announcement (2010)

A Public Disservice Announcement is the second album by Methods of Mayhem, released on September 21, 2010. It is the band's first album since their self-titled debut album, which was released in 1999.
The album, produced by Scott Humphrey, is unique in that it is composed partially of renditions and parts submitted by individuals from around the world based on the demos (stems) of each song that were posted online at thepublicrecord.com. Both the band and Humphrey listened to the recordings, which numbered over 10,000 – choosing the best and most fitting submission ideas to add to the song's final mix. In speaking about those who submitted their parts to the music, vocalist Tommy Lee said that:
"There is a lot of undiscovered talent out there, from kids just getting started, to shirt tuckers who have a 9 to 5 that just rock out in a bar band on the weekends. They don't want to be famous, but those guys are stars."

(*)After choosing the best ideas from over 10,000 submissions (and giving the fans credit where credit was due), and adding guest spots from artists like Chino Moreno (Deftones), Deryck Whibley (Sum 41), and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback), A Public Disservice Announcement was born. The rub is, the very thing that makes the album interesting conceptually ends up giving a kind of directionless feeling. The album spans a vast array of genres, covering rap-rock (“Drunk Uncle Pete”), nu metal (“Fight Song”), and dance-rock (“All I Wanna Do”). While all of these styles are pulled off competently, it leaves the album with a kind of “too many cooks in the kitchen” vibe, feeling more like a collection of assorted singles than a cohesive record. On the flip side of that, it’s good to see Lee changing with the times and branching away from the sound of the platinum-selling Methods of Mayhem, letting fans breathe easily knowing that while the album may sound like many things, it doesn’t sound like rap-metal circa 1999.
(*) from All Music

"Fight Song" was released as the first single and a music video was released for the second single "Time Bomb". The song has peaked at number 42 on the US Rock Songs Chart.

A really great idea about doing this album in that "collective" way. But is there any merit left for Mr. Lee?, ... yes . The sound and mix is awesome and listening is very enjoyable! In fact, I can't stop listen to it right now.

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