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Ian Powrie - At Home (1988)

Ian Powrie (1923-2011) was born at Strathardle, near Blairgowrie in Perthshire. His father, Will Powrie, was an accomplished melodeon player, and recorded several excellent sides for Beltona during the early 1930s, and some with his very young son Ian in 1933. At age twelve Ian was playing in his father's dance band, but on piano accordion! In 1949 he formed his first band, this time playing fiddle while his brother Bill played accordion.

At Home (Grassmere GRALP 27, 1988)
Ian Powrie (fiddle), Jimmy Blue (accordion), Mickie Ainsworth (accordion), Joan Blue (piano), Paul Clancy (piano), Dave Barclay (bass), Jack Cooper (drums), James Lindsay (synthesiser)

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