jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

ZZ Top - Tres Hombres in Clarkston (1980) BOOTLEG

ZZ Top’s Expect No Quarter Tour in support of Deguello (released November 1979) ran from November 20, 1979 through January 3, 1981. This included the band’s first trip outside of North America taking them to Europe for the first time. This was also the first tour featuring Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill with their famous chest length beards. The previous Worldwide Texas Tour did have shows planned for Europe, Japan, and Australia but were all cancelled due to quarantine issues with livestock which were part of the stage set.

Godfather presents an excellent sounding soundboard from Pine Knob in Michigan. The recording  has all instruments clear in the mix with just enough of the audience in the background to give it a nice live atmosphere. Billy Gibbons’ guitar sounds nice and fat and crunchy. Some debate surrounding the date also places their show in Clarkston on August 20, 1980.

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