jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Un Hombre De Buenos Aires (1978)

Argentinian musician, composer and bass performer, arranger of various genres of popular music, especially jazz.
In his work stand out El grito (1967) y Bronca de Buenos Aires (1970), banned by the military dictatorship. In popular music he has been arranger and composer of themes for Sandro, Leonardo Favio and Piero, among others.
He was a regular participant in a series of meetings of improvisation and casual folk experimentation at Eduardo Lagos house, humorously named by Hugo Diaz as folkloréishons, which in the manner of the jam sessions of jazz, used to gather Lagos, Astor Piazzolla and Diaz, with other musicians like himself Lopez Ruiz, Oscar Cardozo Ocampo, Domingo Cura and Oscar Lopez Ruiz, among others. With his quartet was awarded the Konex Foundation as one of the top 5 jazz ensembles of the decade in Argentina.

Bandoneon – Dino Saluzzi
Double Bass – Hector Console
Drums – Pocho Lapouble
Guitar – Oscar Lopez Ruiz
Percussion – Domingo Cura, José Maria Loriente
Piano – Gustavo Moretto, Manolo Juárez, Pablo Ziegler
Saxophone – Andres Boiarsky
Technician – Osvaldo Acedo
Trumpet – Victor Ducatenzeiler
Violin – Antonio Agri

The complete album from Youtube

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