jueves, 4 de agosto de 2016

Supersister - Present from Nancy (1970)

Supersister ♪♫ had a sound very much in the Canterbury scene, and if I had to compare them to another band it would with no doubt be Caravan. They blend their own Dutch ideals and a touch of humor into a unique mixture of progressive rock.
The band started in 1967 as Sweet OK Sister as a school band with singer and songwriter Rob Douw, who soon thereafter left. The remaining members continued as a more serious musical quartet under the name Supersister. Their style was progressive rock in which Stips' keyboards played a dominant role.

Their debut was the 1970 album, Present from Nancy, with charting singles such as "She Was Naked", "A Girl Named You", and "Radio". In that year they also played on the main stage of the famous Kralingen Music Festival, "the Dutch Woodstock".

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