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Chinese Taoist music (1969)

Recorded by Jonh Levy (1969) on Lyrichord label.
Jonh Levy  was a British philosopher, mystic, author and recording engineer (1910-1976) whose recorded works include nearly 700 anthropological field recordings from various parts of Europe and Asia and whose personal collection is now housed at the School of Scottish Studies.
A1. Funeral Rite with cymbals (Begining)
A2- Funeral Rite (Conclusion)
A3. Exorcist Rite -The Marriage of Heaven & Earth
       Excerpts From Tao Ch'ang (A4 To A7) 
A4. Chant With Lute, Drum And Bell
A5. Shu Wen
A6. Threefold Invitation, With Ritual Drum
A7. Offering Of Tea And Incense
A8. Ch'ing Shen Ritual, Inviting The Spirits
       Popular Taoist Rites (B1, B2) 
B1. Hymns for purifying water, Etc.
B2. Incantations for purifying the mind, Etc.
B3. Chiao; Ritual meditation
B4. Chiao; Flower offering
B5. Ballad of the Skeleton
       Communal Exorcist Rite, Ta Wang Hang (B6, B7) 
B6. Preparing the boat
B7. Launching the boat

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