sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2014

V.A. - 1970's Algerian Proto -Rai Underground (1970)

Limited edition of 1500 copies. In the early 70's, a new group of singers and musicians were operating on the northwest coast and what they pioneered was a sound that eventually reached worldwide status by the end of the decade, however their names are relatively unknown to this day outside Algeria.

A1 –Bellemou & Benfissa - Li Maandouche L'Auto
A2 Groupe El Azhar - Mazal Nesker Mazal
A3 –Groupe El Azhar - Touedar Aakli
A4 –Bellemou & Benfissa - Lah Lah Ya S'habi
B1 Boutaiba Sghir - Dayha Oulabes
B2 –Boutaiba Sghir - Malgre Tout
B3 –Boutaiba Sghir - El Fermlia
B4 –Cheb Zergui - Ana Dellali

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