martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014

Singles Pack #3 (Marc Aryan / Paulo de Domoy)

Delivery number 3 for the Singles Pack series. We have here, maybe one of the best French Singles of all times for me, "Marc Aryan" (son of Armenian immigrants with Lebanese nationality), born in Valence, France, November 14, 1926. In 1969, he created his own record label, "Markal", allowing him, to recording and publishing his own works. Success was immediate, even beyond France. It will not, however much time to enjoy it since died Nov. 30, 1985.In this Single he shows us an excellent couple of melodies (believe me, they're beautiful). 
After that, we have to "Paulo de Domoy", born in the Omissy's commune, in France, with a mix of synthesizers and old guitars, accompanied by Carole (?). Also there was another version of the track "L'handicapé" performed by Suzy, who may be the Paulo's daughter.
So go to find into the same Zip "Marc Aryan" - Amour Amour / Les cigarettes (1970),
and "Paulo De Domoy et Carole" - L'handicapé / L'ivrogne (1981)

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