lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

Anton LaVey - The Satanic Mass (1968)

This is the first released audio recording of a Satanic ritual, recorded in 1968 at Church of Satan headquarters, known as The Black House.
"The Satanic Mass" includes "Anton LaVey" performing the first publicly recorded Satanic baptism in history for his youngest daughter Zeena, which garnered world-wide publicity. The album was originally released as a vinyl LP on LaVey's own label, "Murgenstrumm", in 1968.
Here are just spoken words and an Organ playing by "Dietrich Von Kroller". All this sounds a little ridiculous and at no time achieves any kind of dark or sinister atmosphere. Conversely, it seems brought from some old bizarre movie.
I'm not a Satanist, nor worshiper of any particular religion, but I want to share this cos is, at least, a curious Record.

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