sábado, 2 de agosto de 2014

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra (1978)

Sharing again another "Yellow Magic Orchestra" album. This one is the debut, originally released by "Alfa Records" in Japan in 1978, the album was released by "A&M Records" in Europe and North America in early 1979, with the United States version featuring new cover art (The one above).
The album was an early example of synthpop, a genre that the band helped pioneer. It was also as an early example of a computer-themed album, and contributed to the development of electro, hip hop, techno, and bleep techno. 
The album's innovations in electronic music included its use of the microprocessor-based "Roland MC-8" Microcomposer music sequencer which allowed the creation of new electronic sounds.
This album is not too good as "Technodelic", that sound pretty much powerful. In fact, I think that the debut here is a bit silly, like something out of a video game, but still interesting to appear on my blog.
Come an take it!

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