jueves, 28 de agosto de 2014

Two guns - Balls out (1979)

A real shame that "Two guns" could not move more after this, his first and last album. The singer and all the band are really good!
The guitar player "Bob Williams" toured with "Chubby Checker" and later, "Two Guns" was formed playing dives in and around the hometown Lawton, Oklahoma. When they got the record deal with "Capricorn" and recorded the album, they got screwed and never got a dime for the album. Bob later cut off the end of one of his fingers working construction and gave up on his music career. He went on to a successful career as a commercial construction executive, but tragically died in a motorcycle accident outside Kansas City at the age of 44. 
Well, I think that if you buy this album, you are not supporting the band members in anyway.
But the point here is that it is an excellent album of Southern Rock, where all band's members are perfectly assembled!
Definitely a must have!

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  1. A very great album indeed!
    I've read that members of the group were roadies of The Allman Brothers Band.
    Thanks for reactivate this gem.

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