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Speed - Down the road 7″ Single (1980)

"Speed" was the second band that participated "Bruce Dickinson" (Now in Iron Maiden). It consisted of "Dickinson" himself - Vocals and Guitar, "Martin Freshwater" - Guitar, "Paul White" - guitar and keyboards, "Adam Hayand" - Bass, and "Steve Jones" - Drums. 
"Bruce" met "Paul White" in mid-1977 and formed "Speed". The band played a good number of shows at the "Green Man Pub", located in Plumstead, but this formation would separate finishing the second half of 1978. There are two tracks that were published under the name "Speed" on a Single 7 ", these are" Down the road "and" Man in the street ", both composed by White, but... they are not songs that have been recorded under the name "Speed" in a strict sense. These two tracks were recordings that "Paul White" made for educational purposes White and Dickinson are the only original members of "Speed" ​​appearing on this Single 7'', the rest of the musicians are "Steve Adams" - Guitars, "Gary Edwards" - Keyboards and "Jeff Moody" on Drums, who were summoned by an ad in the newspaper, where White was looking for musicians.  Except from "Bruce", that he accepted the invitation from "White" via telephone to participate as a guest with his voice on the recording.
There are several versions regarding the date on which they were recorded, but the fact is that were recorded at the end of 1979 (when "Dickinson" was already part of "Samson") and published in 1980 under the label created by "White" especially for the occasion also called "Speed​​ Records" in a print run of 1000 copies. 
This second lineup, without Dickinson, only offered a few gigs in Essex, for example in the Pub "The double 6" with White on guitars and vocals. Soon the band split.
Enjoy this rare partof the history.

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