domingo, 3 de agosto de 2014

Samuel Beckett / Madeleine Renaud - Oh Les Beaux Jours (1968)

Due that I love France and all the things related with that country, I want to share this little gem. No music this time my friends.
This album, apparently edited to 1968, is part of a stage play: "Oh Les Beaux Jours" (Happy days in english), a theatrical work written in English originally, by Irish playwright and narrator "Samuel Beckett". He began to write it on October 8, 1960 and was completed on May 14, 1961.
"Beckett" finished the translation into French by November 1962, with a slight variation in the title.
French actors, "Madeleine Renaud" and "Jean-Louis Barraud", and the original director, "Roger Blin", are part in this record, and there is a safe bet that "Beckett" himself participated in this recording project.
The whole work is in French, and I think that some of the French-speaking visitors of this blog will find this piece, at least interesting.

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