viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

People's Temple Choir - He's Able (1973)

"The People's Temple of the Disciples of Christ", commonly shortened to "People's Temple", was a New Religious Movement founded in 1955 by "Jim Jones". By the mid-1970s it included over a dozen locations in California including its headquarters in San Francisco.
It is best known for the events of November 18, 1978, in Guyana, in which 920 people died at the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project (Jonestown), and nearby airstrip at Port Kaituma, and Georgetown in an organized mass suicide/killing.
Summarizing, Jim Jones takes all his religious followers to Guyana, and after some time there convinced them all that the end was near. 909 of its members died there, between them, 300 children were murdered, almost all of them by cyanide poisoning.
"Jones" died from multiple gunshot wounds to the head and groin, made by one of his disciples who had ingested cyanide.
Aside that terrible episode, this album was recorded in 1973 by the own disciple's temple choir and contains very beautiful melodies charged with Gospel, Funk and many religious tunes.
The version shared here is a 1993 re-edition by the Label "Grey Matter" that contains as a Bonus item an uncredited excerpt from one of Jim Jones 'White Night' rehearsal speeches, followed by the complete recording of Jim Jones final speech (FBI tape no Q 042) recorded during the mass murder/suicide in Jonestown on the night of November 18th 1978.

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