miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2014

Messano - Messano (1989)

Mr. Messano (Bobby Messano) was previously a member of "Starz", "Franke & The Knockouts" and "Tycoon" amongst others. Live he has played guitar and been the music director for "Steve Winwood", "Lou Gramm" and more. 
"Bobby" is now living just outside of NYC and commutes to Nashville where he has played guitar for chart topping Country artists "Jimmy Wayne", "Rodney Atkins" and "Steve Holy". He still play a lot".
Here a good piece of Melodic Rock and AOR, (his voice is effective for this kind of music).
The line up:
Bobby Messano - vocals, guitars, bass
Erik Boyd - bass, backing vocals
Joey Zee - keyboards, backing vocals
Mike 'Hurricane' Gage - drums, backing vocals

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