viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

Marin Marai - Tableu of a Lithotomy

This album was made by "Livingstone Recordings" for the pharmaceutical company "Norgine", to show to the public their purgative products.
The first side "Tableau Of A Lithotomy" is a musical description of a bladder operation. Yes, you read it correctly! All the disgusting description is accompanied by music composed by "Marin Marais" (French composer and Viola da Gamba player, born 1656, died 1728. He was an outstanding performer of the viola da gamba and one of the most notable composers for that instrument). 
The music here was performed by the famous Dutch viola de gamba player "Carel Boomkamp", accompanied by the French harpsichordist, "Denyse Gouarne". A sweet way to mix a bladder operation and classical music.
Ok, flipping over the vinyl we have "A Representatives Visit", salesman selling "Normacol" (bulk laxative). Two peple discussing about constipation. Yes, you read it correctly again my friend!
In the sleeve text we can read: - "Some 250 years ago a French composer, Marin Marais, wrote - to the best of our knowledge - the only musical description of a surgical operation. He called it "Le tableau de l'operation de la taille" or "Tableau of a Lithotomy". This most unusual offering was taken from an old edition of the Library of the Conservatory of Music in Paris. It is the first modern performance and the first recording."
Enjoy the surgery, the music, or our purgative products!

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