martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

La Voix Du Peuple - Votez Coluche (1981)

"Coluche", real name "Michel Colucci" was a French comedian and activist for social rights, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in the 1981 elections. Sadly died in 1986 in a car accident. This could be a promotional album referred to his presidential bid.
The tune "Votez Coluche" is quite hypnotic!
Any other help about this release will be much appreciated french readers! Merci!

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  1. merci pour ce disque introuvable même pour les français ! Coluche était un humoriste français qui a créé "les restos du coeur" et qui est mort lors d'un accident de moto en 1986. Il est encore un référence en France (in french ! )

    If you don't understand french , just one word for you : THANKS !

    1. I used Google translator. hahaha!!! Thanks to you and I'm glad you enjoy it!! Merci mon ami!

    2. I also think that the most informations on Coluche are on wikipedia. It's not enough to say he was a huge humorist, he was also the first to bring vulgarity in his jokes and it was so well done that he made us laugh immediately. For the french president elections of 1981 he said that he will be candidate, but when the first statistics showed that 20% of people wanted to vote for him the political class was affraid and "stopped" him.
      He was also great in other context , he had the record of speed on a motorcycle (he died several months later on a motorcycle) ; he also create something unique in the world : "les restos du coeur" (the restaurants of the heart) wich still exists 30 years later and had become a great instutation. Every year some of the great disc salers french singers make a troup (under the direction of JEAN-JACQUES GOLDMANN who made the first song for the "restos du coeur") for about 20 concert dates and with a tv show and all the money of concerts , cd, dvd go to the "restos du coeur". You have a lot of people who give their time and energy to give to poor people something to eat during winter and help to find where to sleep. They offer to poor people more then 100 millions of meals every year.

  2. another link for this release with lyrics