jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

George L. Boston - The Final Houdini Seance (1970)

This is one of the most rare albums I have. Its basically a seance made by the Houdini's widow trying to reach Harry Houdini's spirit after 10 years of his death.
That seance took place on the roof  of the "Knickerbocker" Hotel in Hollywood, California, on Halloween night, October 31, 1936.
300 invited guests formed the outer circle, while 13 scientists, magicians and other strange people, joined Mrs. Houdini in the inner circle.
"Harry Houdini" and his wife made a pact, if someone die, the survivor will try to make contact with the dead one. So "Harry" died first, and in this record you'll can listen to her widow trying to make contact with her dead husband.
After many years fighting the paranormal, the magician had designed a definite challenge using their own death. He devised a secret code that he shared with his wife, consisting of ten secret words (curiously, extracted from a letter from Conan Doyle). If ever contacted through any medium "from beyond" use those words, so his widow could be certain that the contact was genuine.
However, he warned his wife that if there was any way to communicate from beyond the grave, he definitely would.
Narrated by George L. Boston. And after that, the field recording.

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