lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

El Corte - El Corte (1986)

"El Corte" was an obscure band formed by "Javier Calamaro" and "Hernan Reyna", (both argentinian) having dissolved his band "Frappe". This first album was edited in 1986. Its content was a handful of songs full of strange and sinister songs, maybe this band showed the darker side of "Javier", (brother of Andrés Calamaro).
The album was recorded in one night in a power plant called "SEGBA" (an electricity company in Buenos Aires), using their "natural camera" (which gives a claustrophobic sound) The album has a raw, improvised sound, dark atmosphere and environmental noises, The raw sound comes from the original vinyl, that was recorded in that way.
Their second album "El camino contrario" was edited a year later with a proposal to assimilate easier and with more rock sound, even some songs were heard on the radio of South American countries and Mexico.
Apart from the disastrous sound, is an excellent album full of great ideas!

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