miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014

El Corte - El camino contrario (1987)

This is the second and last album from the argentinian band "El corte".
The authors of most of the songs were Javier Calamaro and Hernan Reyna, plus some participation of other members, while the style of the band approached the post punk and gothic rock.
The first album edited in 1986 was the most obscures albums of that decade (posted previously), while this second record is more "commercial" and better produced.
In 1988, after several shows in Buenos Aires, the band broke up.

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  1. me sorprendió encntrar este disco (poseo ambos en vinilo) entre tantos raros y extraordinarios discos,felicitaciones por la variedad.

  2. amazing to find this record among the others.I still have both in vinyl. The first can be found at elsenderooscuro blog.Thanx for the music.