jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014

Dorsal Atlantica - Victory 7'' (1988)

At the beginning of this Blog, my idea was to share all kind of rare, old and obscures albums, no matter what music genre be part of. So here I bring for you the pioneers of the Brazilian Thrash Metal scene, even before "Sepultura". They were founded in Rio de Janeiro, in 1981, and the first work appears on the split album "Ultimatum" with another Rio de Janeiro-based band, "Metalmorphose", in 1984. Afterwards, "Dorsal Atlantica" released a string of studio albums from 1984 to 1998, before breaking up in 2001.
This is a 7'' Single edited in 1988, after the album "Dividir & Conquistar" in the same year, and was limited to 500 copies.
Old school Thrash Metal if you want to listen to it!

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