sábado, 2 de agosto de 2014

Delator - Manipulacja (1991)

Here I go again with another Polish gem! "Delator" were a band playing different styles of Pop, Rock, New wave, Soft Jazz and even Funk. 
Not much info on the net about them, and the tape have just data of the current release, but could it be that they were formed in autumn 1988 in Warsaw and release this album in 1991 through "Poltron Records", a music record label, established in Poland in 1983 that was one of the three (together with "Savitor" and "Arston") better known Polonia-assisted Polish record labels. Later in 1991 it was overtaken by "Starstream Communications Group" and eventually by "Warner Music Group" (Polton / Warner Music Poland), the latter eventually closed its office in Poland.
So... to finish, if "Delator" would have been born in U.S.A. possibly would enjoy the international success.
Prepare yourself for a good discharge of programmed beats, synthesized guitars and electronic drums!.

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