viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

Astral Sounds - Melodious Thunk (1982)

"Astral Sounds" (this work), comes from the mind of "Tim Souster", British composer, born 1943 in Bletchley. Graduated musical studies at Oxford, studied at Stockhausen's Darmstadt School of Avantgarde music, then joined the BBC as a Radio 3 producer. Works with Stockhausen, Berio, Henze. Explorer of electronic music technology, wide-ranging multi-instrumentalist. Later did soundtrack work for the BBC and recorded a numbered of library music LP's, as this one shared here. He sadly died in 1994.
The title of this work, "Melodious Thunk" is a word's game of "Thelonious Monk"
A pretty good album, that sounds like "Jan Hammer" working from the outer Space!
Under the "Astral Sounds's" name there are other composers like "John Saunders" or "Christopher Evans-Ironside"
Exciting and progressive sounds for electronic keyboards. Released by the excelent library Label "Music De Wolfe".

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