viernes, 1 de agosto de 2014

Ajda Pekkan - Ajda Pekkan (1968)

"Ajda Pekkan" perhaps can be an unknown artist for some of us that are not living in "Turkey", but... for Turkish people she is a super star! She is a pop singer and actress that through a career spanning five decades thus far, "Pekkan" has released more than 20 albums and is the most commercially successful female Turkish music artist with the sales of over 42 million copies worldwide!!
During her music career, she has recorded songs in nine languages. Apart from Turkish, she is also fluent in English and French.
This album shared here, is her debut. Twelve tracks (ten of them sung in turkish, one in french and one in english) of pure beautiful taste in pop music. 
By the way... try googling "Ajda Pekkan"... beautiful woman despite the years!
Anyway, enjoy the album!

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