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V.A. - Hong Kong Musical Atlas:Unesco Collections (1974)

"Musical Atlas" is a series of recordings of traditional music that was made for the International Music Council by the International Institute for Comparative Music Studies and Documentation (Berlin/Venice) and released on the EMI/Odeon label. The series was directed by Alain Daniélou. It was part of the larger UNESCO Collection series. Most of the recordings were later re-issued on the Naive/Auvidis label.
This one is the Volume 9 of the serie.
Pure beautiful traditional instrumental music. The zip includes full artwork and inlay pages with many many info about the musicians.

Side A
A1 Liu Pui-Yuen, p'i-p'a, Pa Wang Shih Chia - The Warrior Takes off His Armour
A2 Tsung Seung, yang-ch'in. Shu Mu Mu Yang, Shu-Muu as Shepherd
A3 Tsung Seung, yang-ch'in, Wong Kuen, hsiao. Duet: Chiang Ho Shui, Widow Mourning beside the Murmuring River
A4 Wong Kuen, ti. Ko Tzu Fei, Pigeons Flying

Side B
B1 Tong Kin-Woon, ch'in. I Ku Jên, Thinking of an Old Friend
B2 Hsiao Ming, shêng. Pu Pu Chiao, Graceful Steps of a Lovely Lady
B3 Tsui Wah-Nam, êrh-hu. Huan Lo Ts'ao Yuan, Happiness upon the Grassy Plain
B4 So Chun-Po, chêng. Kao Shan Liu Shui, High Mountain and Running Water
B5 Lui Pui-Yuen, p'i-p'a. Kao Shan Liu Shui, High Mountain and Running Water

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