jueves, 24 de julio de 2014

The Flipper's - Psicodelicias (1967)

"The Flipper's" were a colombian rock group. Leaded by Arturo Astudillo, acted with different members between 1964 and 1975, briefly reorganized in the early 80s.
The band played covers of British Invasion groups, later expanding his repertoire to his own compositions. In 1965 they would be hired by Codiscos label from Medellin. This one is the second album recorded under that record label.
The split of "The Flipper's" occurred around 1975, is given in a time when the Colombian rock ceases to be taken into consideration by the media, and most of its members decide to emigrate to other countries. 
Because of its popularity, "The Flipper's" were an obligatory reference to the youth culture of the 60s and 70s in Colombia.
Just as in the world and in music in general, 1967 marked a strong change leaving aside the innocent party and melodic, psychedelic and beat evolve a sound more and more lysergic, where "Sargent Pepper" mark a most important guideline. That's what happened with "Psycodelicias" from The Flipper's"

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