miércoles, 30 de julio de 2014

Gorrión - El Rock de la Misa Criolla (1973)

"Gorrión" were an argentinian band that only released this album in 1973 and then dissapeared.
The album was recorded in T.N.T. studios between August and October 1973 and included the arrangements and direction of Chango Farias Gomez, that was a well known musician and folk singer from Argentina.
The "Misa Criolla" is a musical work for soloists, chorus and orchestra, of religious and folkloric nature, created by Argentine musician Ariel Ramirez. The liturgical texts were translated and adapted by priests  Antonio Osvaldo Catena, Alejandro Mayol and Jesús Gabriel Segade.
The main idea of this band was performing a rock version of "Misa Criolla"
The audacity of versioning a classic folklore was not well received, however... later, the album was released in France under the title "Misa Criolla en el rock."

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