domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

Louissiné Zakarian ‎– Armenian Medieval Spiritual Music (1969-1980)

Classical armenian music for all of you guys and girls, direct from the sweet voice of Louisiné Zakarian (1937 - 1991). She was a wonderful Armenian soprano singer.
I found this one very interesting and really nice to listen it!
Hope you enjoy it!

Some music for today, from 1985

I share here a split album that Black Flag did with Minutemen. Very experimental.
Take the trip through YouTube!

sábado, 22 de octubre de 2016

Randy Pie - Highway Driver (1974)

Randy Pie was a moderately successful German rock / funk band based in Hamburg, (listen here) which was active between 1972 and 1977, and briefly in 1986. Formed by Dicky Tarrach, and mostly originating as ex-members of the pop group The Rattles they started as the Randy Pie & Family. Deep Purple's then guitarist Ritchie Blackmore was guested on their single "Hurry to the City".

sábado, 15 de octubre de 2016

Charley Patton - Founder Of The Delta Blues (1971)

Charley Patton (died April 28, 1934), also known as Charlie Patton, was an American Delta blues musician. Considered by many to be the "Father of the Delta Blues", he created an enduring body of American music and inspired most Delta blues musicians.
Patton was born in Hinds County, Mississippi, near the town of Edwards, and lived most of his life in Sunflower County, in the Mississippi Delta. Most sources say he was born in April 1891, but the years 1881, 1885 and 1887 have also been suggested.
He was popular across the southern United States and performed annually in Chicago; in 1934, he performed in New York City. Unlike most blues musicians of his time, who were often itinerant performers, Patton played scheduled engagements at plantations and taverns. He gained popularity for his showmanship, sometimes playing with the guitar down on his knees, behind his head, or behind his back.
Patton settled in Holly Ridge, Mississippi, with his common-law wife and recording partner, Bertha Lee, in 1933. He died on the Heathman-Dedham plantation, near Indianola, on April 28, 1934, and is buried in Holly Ridge (both towns are located in Sunflower County). His death certificate states that he died of a mitral valve disorder.
The death certificate does not mention Bertha Lee; the only informant listed is one Willie Calvin. Patton's death was not reported in the newspapers.
This album is a double disc with really great sounds, (listen a sample here and here) and if you enjoy it... download it!

sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2016

Upper Astral - Journey to the Edge of the Universe (1983)

An inner-harmony journey through the vast expanses of space. Travel through comet tails, solar winds and deep molecular voids. Hear the sounds of telemetry echoing through the ethers of deep space. When you reach the space where no time exists, you have arrived. Side 2 is "Celestial Harmonies" with strings and gentle rhythms. 
Released under Valley Of The Sun Records.

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2016

Sonny Fisher ‎– Texas Rockabilly Tear Up (1981)

Therman "Sonny" Fisher (November 13, 1931 Chandler, Texas – October 8, 2005 Houston, Texas) was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist.
One of the real reference points in Rockabilly.

jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2016

By request...

Someone ask me to make this song available to download.

 So here it is!!

Isle of Man's visitor

I've noticed through the visitor's counter that I have regularly a visitor from Isle of Man.
First of all, thank you for check my blog so often, is really much appreciated!
Can I ask yoou if you have any idea where can I found some traditional music from the Isle?

Thanks and see you all soon with more rare albums.

miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2016

Stelvio Cipriani - Paradiso Blu (1980)

Yes... I like Stelvio Cipriani,... a lot!
Fantastic soundtrack from the italian erotic movie.

Conductor – Stelvio Cipriani
    Music By – Stelvio Cipriani
    Vocals – Edda dell'Orso (tracks: 4,8,12,16,18)

domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2016

Gianni Marchetti - Cicciolina, Amore Mio (1979)

Gianni Marchetti (Rome, 7 September 1933 – Rome, 11 April 2012) was an Italian composer songwriter. He collaborated with Piero Ciampi, lyricist Mogol, singer Bobby Solo and others.
He also contributed to the soundtracks of around forty films, this one in a great example!

viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2016

Frank Ricotti ‎– Vibes (1981)

Another Bruton Music beauty! This time Frank Ricotti, (listen here), an English jazz vibraphonist and percussionist that played in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra while a teenager, then attended Trinity College of Music (1967–70). He worked with Neil Ardley (1968–71), Dave Gelly, Graham Collier, Mike Gibbs (1969–72), Stan Tracey (1970), Harry Beckett (1970–72), Norma Winstone (1971) and Gordon Beck (1973–74). (listen here too)
In 2007 Ricotti played vibes on Mark Knopfler's album Kill to Get Crimson.

viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016

V.A. - High adventure (1978)

Another thrilling and exciting Various artists release from Bruton Music, Library label based in London and founded in 1977 by Robin Phillips. Named after Bruton Street where it was originally formed.
A lot of  Jazz, Funk / Soul, Stage & Screen .
A1     –Keith Mansfield     Special Delivery     1:54
A2     –Jeremy Lubbock     Speedbird 1.     2:54
A3     –Jeremy Lubbock     Speedbird 2.     1:09
A4     –Jeremy Lubbock     Speedbird 3.     0:20
A5     –Jeremy Lubbock     Full Blast     1:54
A6     –Jeremy Lubbock     Full Blast     0:17
A7     –Jeremy Lubbock     High Adventure     2:33
A8     –Jeremy Lubbock     High Adventure     0:22
A9     –David Lindup     Flying Colours     1:22
A10     –David Lindup     Flying Colours     1:26
A11     –John Fiddy     Pacerace     1:48
A12     –John Fiddy     Supercity     1:53
B13     –Francis Monkman     Speed     2:22
B14     –Francis Monkman     G-Force     2:36
B15     –Alan Hawkshaw     Fuel Injection     2:49
B16     –Alan Hawkshaw     The Speed Of Sound     2:48
B17     –Steve Gray     Synchronous     2:46
B18     –Miki Anthony / Tom Parker     Silverstone     0:33
B19     –Shury / Rae / McDonald / De Souza     Bass Drive     0:40
B20     –I. Martin* / B. Dee     Deadline Destination     3:29

martes, 30 de agosto de 2016

Cardinal Rex Lawson's & his Mayor's Band of Nigeria - Rex Lawson's victories (1969)

Highlife is a music genre that originated in Ghana at the turn of the 20th century and incorporated the traditional harmonic 9th, as well as melodic and the main rhythmic structures in traditional Akan music, and married them with Western instruments. Highlife was associated with the local African aristocracy during the colonial period. By the 1930s, Highlife spread via Ghanaian workers to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia and Nigeria, among other West African countries, where the music is now very popular.

Highlife is characterised by jazzy horns and multiple guitars which lead the band. Recently it has acquired an uptempo, synth-driven sound (see Daddy Lumba). Igbo highlife and Joromi are subgenres.
Rex Jim Lawson (1935 - 1971), known as Cardinal Rex, (Listen here♬♪)was a singer, trumpeter and bandleader from Kalabari, Nigeria. He became one of the best-known highlife musicians of the 1960s in Africa when Cardinal and his band dominated Nigeria’s highlife scene.
Lawson died in 1971 in a car accident on his way to play a show in Warri, Nigeria. He was 36 years old. After his death, his band continued as the Professional Seagulls.

domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

Gaë Bolg And The Church Of Fand - Tintagel (2001)

Solo project of Sol Invictus trumpet player Eric Roger. Gaë Bolg And The Church Of Fand is a bizzare ensamble of goliardic medieval music, orchestral epics, drunk ballads and fairy tales, full of irony and sarcasm. 
A really unique and crazy medieval and folk style. (Listen here♬♪)
Limited to 296 copies 

1 Tintagel 2:16
2 Pendant L'Apocalypse . Lyrics By – Horaz 7:17
3 Hymne . Lyrics By – Josef Julius Wecksell 3:03
4 Offertorio 4:22
5 Gloria 3:57
6 Avant L'Apocalypse . Lyrics By – Robert Burns 7:35
7 Le Chant De La Rainette . Lyrics By – Philippe De Beaumanoir 4:06
8 Danse Des Nains . Lyrics By – Anonymous 4:29
9 Rite . Lyrics By – Carmina Burana 5:07
10 Tintagel . Lyrics By – Anonymous 12:25

viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016

miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016

Arthur Lyman - Taboo 2 (1959)

Most of Lyman's albums were recorded in the aluminum Kaiser geodesic dome auditorium on the grounds of the Kaiser Hawaiian Village Hotel on Waikiki in Honolulu. This space provided unique acoustics and a natural 3-second reverberation. His recordings also benefited from being recorded on a one-of-kind Ampex 3-track 1/2" tape recorder designed and built by engineer (and label owner) Richard Vaughn. All of Lyman's albums were recorded live, without overdubbing.
He recorded after midnight, to avoid the sounds of traffic and tourists, and occasionally you can hear the aluminum dome creaking as it settles in the cool night air.
The quality of these recordings became even more evident with the advent of CD reissues, when the digital mastering engineer found he didn't have to do anything to them but transfer the original 3-track stereo masters to digital.
This Taboo 2 (listen here♪♫) is a stellar collection of both classic and unfamiliar Exotica compositions, with slightly more of a "voodoo" sound than Lyman usually might go for.

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2016

Arthur Lyman - Taboo (1958)

Arthur Lyman (February 2, 1932 – February 24, 2002) was an American jazz vibraphone and marimba player. His group popularized a style of faux-Polynesian music during the 1950s and 1960s which later became known as exotica. His albums became favorite stereo-effect demonstration discs during the early days of the stereophonic LP album for their elaborate and colorful percussion, deep bass and 3-dimensional recording soundstage. Lyman was known as "the King of Lounge music."

sábado, 20 de agosto de 2016

Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz - Free Education (1977)

Nico Mbarga (1 January 1950 – 24 June 1997),better known as Prince Nico Mbarga, was a highlife musician, born to a Nigerian mother and a Cameroonian father in Abakaliki, Nigeria. He is renowned for his hit song "Sweet Mother", recorded with his band Rocafil Jazz.
He played the xylophone, conga, drums, and electric guitar in school bands and he made his professional debut as a member of a hotel band, the Melody Orchestra, in 1970.
While he continued to appear with Rocafil Jazz, Mbarga also performed with London-based highlife band the Ivory Coasters and former Rocafil Jazz member, Cameroonian vocalist Louisiana Tilda. Despite launching his own Polydor-distributed record label, upon returning to Nigeria, Mbarga and the original members of Rocafil Jazz separated after some disagreements. Although he later formed the New Rocafil Jazz Band, Mbarga failed to match his early success. Leaving music, he turned his attention to managing the 4-star hotel that he owned, the Sweet Mother Hotel, located in the town of Ikom just minutes away from the Cameroon-Nigeria border.
Prince Nico Mbarga was killed in a motorcycle accident on June 24, 1997, leaving behind "Sweet Mother" as the most popular song amongst Nigerians. Sweet Mother is sometimes called Africa's anthem and has been voted Africa's favourite song by BBC readers and listeners.
This Free Education album (listen here♬♪), is African music with stunning guitarwork and great rhythm.

Devola - The Resuscitation EP (1998)

A little bit of Hardcore from New Paltz, New York, US. 
An E.P. (listen here♬♪) recorded and mixed on June 20th 1998 at Keap St. Studios in Brooklyn, NY.
Ripping hardcore with vicious high-pitched vocals.

jueves, 18 de agosto de 2016

Yoshiko Sai - Taiji No Yume (1977)

Yoshiko Sai (born June 22nd 1953) is a Japanese singer and songwriter. She started her career in 1975 and first stopped in 1979, but is active again since 2001. She worked a lot with the guitarist Jojo Hiroshige. She has also written a poetry book and made a large amount of artwork.
Hope you like this one, her third album. You can listen a track for her first work here.

martes, 16 de agosto de 2016

ZZ Top - Tres Hombres in Clarkston (1980) BOOTLEG

ZZ Top’s Expect No Quarter Tour in support of Deguello (released November 1979) ran from November 20, 1979 through January 3, 1981. This included the band’s first trip outside of North America taking them to Europe for the first time. This was also the first tour featuring Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill with their famous chest length beards. The previous Worldwide Texas Tour did have shows planned for Europe, Japan, and Australia but were all cancelled due to quarantine issues with livestock which were part of the stage set.

Godfather presents an excellent sounding soundboard from Pine Knob in Michigan. The recording (listen here♫♪). has all instruments clear in the mix with just enough of the audience in the background to give it a nice live atmosphere. Billy Gibbons’ guitar sounds nice and fat and crunchy. Some debate surrounding the date also places their show in Clarkston on August 20, 1980.

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2016

Sun Ra - The Antique Blacks (1978)

Sun Ra was an American jazz composer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, poet and philosopher known for his experimental music, "cosmic philosophy", prolific output, and theatrical performances. He was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame in 1979. For much of his career, Ra led "The Arkestra", an ensemble with an ever-changing name and flexible line-up.
His mainstream success was limited, Sun Ra was a prolific recording artist and frequent live performer, and remained both influential and controversial throughout his life for his music and persona.
He is now widely considered an innovator; among his distinctions are his pioneering work in free improvisation and modal jazz and his early use of electronic keyboards.
Over the course of his career, he recorded dozens of singles and over one hundred full-length albums, comprising well over 1000 songs, and making him one of the most prolific recording artists of the 20th century. Following Sun Ra's death in 1993, the Arkestra continues to perform.
On ‘Antique Blacks’ (listen a song here♪♫), Sun Ra blends elements of free jazz, key synth explorations, and experimental theatre into an other worldly concoction that doesn’t crop up anywhere else in the Arkestra’s massive discography.

miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2016

Diamanda Galas - Maska Rdeče Smrti - Živi V Ljubljani (1988)

Hope you enjoy this great Bootleg of Diamanda Galas, she is an American avant-garde composer, vocalist, pianist, organist, performance artist, and painter. All in one!
She has worked with many avant-garde composers, including Iannis Xenakis, Vinko Globokar and John Zorn, and also collaborated with jazz musician Bobby Bradford, and John Paul Jones, former bassist of Led Zeppelin.
This live recording have a great sound quality (listen here♪♫) , captured at Festivalna dvorana, Ljubljana, 7.10.1988 in the old Yugoslavia.

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2016

Piero Piccioni - Appassionata (1974)

Piero Piccioni was a pianist, organist, conductor and composer, he was also the prolific author of more than 300 film soundtracks.
He was deeply influenced in his use of jazz by 20th century classical composers and American cinematography. Amongst his favourites were Frank Capra, Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, John Ford and Alex North. He began writing songs of his own and was soon able to get some of his works published by Carisch editions.
Appassionata (listen here♬♪) is a 1974 Italian erotic drama film and here is the soundtrack.

sábado, 6 de agosto de 2016

V.A. - Cover Girl (1985)

We have here a great "Various artists" album from Bruton Music, library label based in London and founded in 1977 by Robin Phillips. 
Jazz, Funk, Soul, Pop, Stage & Screen and some more beautiful styles. 
From Ron Aspery, british alto saxophonist (listen here♪♫ ), to Steve Gray, british pianist, composer, and arranger, Duncan Lamont, british saxophonist, composer and arranger, (listen here♫♪), and Alan Hawkshaw, pianist, composer and producer. 
Hope you enjoy it!


jueves, 4 de agosto de 2016

Supersister - Present from Nancy (1970)

Supersister ♪♫ had a sound very much in the Canterbury scene, and if I had to compare them to another band it would with no doubt be Caravan. They blend their own Dutch ideals and a touch of humor into a unique mixture of progressive rock.
The band started in 1967 as Sweet OK Sister as a school band with singer and songwriter Rob Douw, who soon thereafter left. The remaining members continued as a more serious musical quartet under the name Supersister. Their style was progressive rock in which Stips' keyboards played a dominant role.

Their debut was the 1970 album, Present from Nancy, with charting singles such as "She Was Naked", "A Girl Named You", and "Radio". In that year they also played on the main stage of the famous Kralingen Music Festival, "the Dutch Woodstock".

domingo, 31 de julio de 2016

Imperial Teen - Seasick (1996)

Seasick is the debut studio album by the American indie rock band Imperial Teen, released on May 7, 1996 by Slash Records. The album received generally positive reviews from critics.
Was recorded in one week's time after the band had been together for six months.!9VxBSC6J

Encryption key for download : !T_NpvgEVwLkBVbSheNRMRrSdBmuJwRNrFiqgEB7uuYQ